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I am an artist living in Boise, ID. I am a Boston girl at heart and have strong opinions on many things (who doesn't). I am married and two small dogs allow us to share the home with them.

What Sports Figures Do You Clemenate?

I just read this great article on Sports Illustrated called The Joy of Rooting Against LeBron ( ) where he introduced a new word to me called Clemenate. Clemenate: (KLEM-a-nayt), verb, to hate an athlete (or a team) in … Continue reading

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Dear Charlie Sheen

Wow, really? I am sure somewhere Mel Gibson is thanking God for the nonsensical, egomaniacal rant you spewed yesterday. Kanye West has nothing on you, he’s an amateur. You think you can do anything and people will still love you.  … Continue reading

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Earthquake in New Zealand

My heart goes out to all those affected by the earthquake today.  Having lived in Los Angeles, I have been through my share of them. They are not fun. What is so frightening about earthquakes is that they come out … Continue reading

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Hello world!

It seems weird to put your thoughts out there for anyone to read. Who reads it? Who cares? I guess place to start is who am I. I am an artist.  I have a wide variety things I like to … Continue reading

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Bears safety Dave Duerson Suicide

As a New England Patriot fan, I well remember the Patriots getting annihilated by the Bears in Superbowl XX. We were so excited. We were sure the Patriots were going to win. I still wish I had the Boston Herald … Continue reading

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