Dear Charlie Sheen

Wow, really?

I am sure somewhere Mel Gibson is thanking God for the nonsensical, egomaniacal rant you spewed yesterday.

Kanye West has nothing on you, he’s an amateur.

You think you can do anything and people will still love you.  I think you have let the lines between fiction and reality get a bit blurred.  People don’t mind a happy drunk like your character on Two and a Half Men, but in reality you are a mean drunk.

I am guessing you don’t like Alcoholics Anonymous because you may actually have to mingle with actual human beings.  In AA you have to actually own up to your faults.  You probably don’t like AA because people will tell you the truth.

I like this line from another blog from Andrea Reiher “Apparently it is Charlie Sheen’s world and we all just live in it.”  I think that says it all.

I hope for the sake of the people that love you and especially your kids, you get your shit together.

edited to add:

On a poll for whether your career will survive, I thought this was the perfect comeback to you:

“The graveyards are full of irreplaceable actors.” by Charles Hartinger


About colorinfusion

I am an artist living in Boise, ID. I am a Boston girl at heart and have strong opinions on many things (who doesn't). I am married and two small dogs allow us to share the home with them.
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One Response to Dear Charlie Sheen

  1. Mike Quigley says:

    Dear Charlie, (Carlos Irwin Esteves)
    Thanks for stealing my fire, asshole….:)
    My family is trying to do the samething to me…God Love’em
    Why the (F), can’t they leave us be?
    I have tried to accomodate they’re wishes, but with no avail.
    I don’t have anywhere as much money as you, but for goodness sake, I can relate because they keep pushing, when all I am doing is trying to help them.
    Anyway, I’m forever with ya man…never give up!!!!!!!

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